Global Missions

Ken, Keli, Grace, Titus, & Zeke Oldham

Ken, Keli, Grace, Titus, & Zeke Oldham

Ken and Keli Oldham are joining the Three Worlds Team which is working toward raising up a new generation of leaders and creating inner-connectivity throughout Europe and the Middle East. The Oldhams are excellent pastors and are also gifted in creating international connections and mentoring emerging leaders. Beginning January, 2012, they will serve as pastors of a congregation in the Middle East as well as helping Three Worlds develop its strategy for reaching out to this region.

Child of Promise


As a congregation we sponsor a boy through "Children of Promise". The boy's name is Arjay Agbuya and he is from the Philippines. If you would like to help sponsor this child, or one of your own please contact the Church office or Click Here to be directed to "Children of Promise" website. Below is a little more information about Arjay.


Name: Arjay Reyes Agbuya

Birthday: April 2005

Age: 7 years old

Grade in school: 2

Language(s) spoken: Filipino, Tagalog

Favorite Subject: Music

Favorite Sport/ Past-time: Playing ball

Talent: Art, dancing, music